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Know our plans for individuals

Complete Features

The best of SilverTech at the service of your business
Exclusive allocation resources and premium features like no other provider in the country offers you

CPU Dedicada

Dedicated CPU

Our WordPress Service offers you vCPU for exclusive use and best of all, virtually impossible to fall.

RAM Dedicada

Dedicated RAM

Another great feature for your Wordpress sites. Dedicated RAM represents faster delivery of data from the server.


GigaPOP Transfer

The Servers farm hosting our Wordpress service are connected to the internet using redundant GigaPops.

Firewall Inteligente

Smart Firewall

All of our plans are SiteLock ® which protects against malware.


CodeGuard ® Protected

Wordpress Hosting protects your files automatically, for it SilverTech offers you free of charge CodeGuard ® in all plans.


Cloudflare ® Basic Included

You can always improve the excellent, so your Individuals plan includes a Cloudflare ® Basic.

Wordpress Business Plans

The power of Wordpress in your hands, exclusive resources, and One Click installation!

Wordpress Business

from $ 23.75 / month

  • 3 Available Sites
  • CPU 6 Cores
  • 6 GB RAM
  • 50 GB HHD
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Anti-Malware up to 500 files free of charge by SiteLock
  • 10 GB Automatic Backup included by CodeGuard
  • Cloudflare ® Basic free
  • Dedicated IP available at additional cost
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Wordpress Professional

from $ 41.67 / month

  • 5 Available Sites
  • CPU 6 Cores
  • 6 GB RAM
  • 80 GB HHD
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Anti-Malware Up To 500 Files Free Of Charge By SiteLock
  • 25 GB Automatic Backup Included By CodeGuard
  • Cloudflare ® Basic Free
  • Dedicated IP Available At Additional Cost
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Doubts? See these Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Over time, our customers have consulted their doubts,
now to help you leave the answers to the most recurring questions we have received.

WordPress is an online, open source website building tool written in PHP. WordPress hosting is a hosting plan designed with optimized security, speed, backups, WordPress updates and scalability to host WordPress sites.

CodeGuard provides an automatic solution for site/database backup. Monitor your site/database regularly and if changes are detected, notify you. It also allows you to restore your site/database to an earlier version.

SiteLock review every aspect of your Web presence to identify security breaches daily. Check Not Only your website, email, and applications, but also the blacklists of search engines and spam filters. SiteLock not only identifies threats but it also automatically corrects them. This way, SiteLock works in the background to protect your site.

No, you can not change the update or degradation of your hosting plans. However, the amount of RAM and CPU cores can be increased or degraded.

No, you can not use an existing certificate. You will have to generate a CSR from the Wordpress Hosting panel and get a certificate issued that can be installed from the panel.

Yes, at an additional cost you can request a dedicated IP for your plan. Request it through a Ticket in Customer Service.

Yes, you do not have to take any action, the core of the program is updated automatically.

Cloudflare is an external service that provides protection and agility to your website, with the Basic plan included you can observe an improvement of up to 30%, improve the virtual cache in external Servers and deliver your site(s) with greater speed.

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