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Now G Suite Available on SilverTech

E-Mails for Individuals

Your next email hosting is at SilverTech, best of all it works with your domain!

E-Mail Host Individuals

For Only $ 11,00 per year per account

Buy it Now

Complete Features

Do not miss the best benefits in your email accounts, and remember, you can use your domain!

Size Email

5 GB Capacity

An incredible amount of data available to store in your email account.

Transferencia Email

Unmetered Bandwidth

The mail service based on an unmeasured service, as long as its use is reasonable, you will not have data transmission stops or emails.

Intra Contactos

Intra Contacts

All contracted accounts are self-linking, chatting with each other and adding to each other.

Do not hesitate, let's talk now!

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