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CORE Servers


Is it too much power?

Here is your new CORE Server

SilverTech always gives you more power. Now you're going to have total control
Scalable resources, complete access and the flexibility to choose the configuration of your next server.

Poder de Computo

Total Scalability

Your next CORE server is totally what you imagine, SilverTech offers you to deploy from 1 vCPU up to 64 processing cores with RAM resources ranging from 0.6 GB to 240 GB of private memory. There is nothing that together we can not achieve.


Implementation in 24 hours

Thanks to SilverTech's provisioning systems, your service will be operational within 24 hours of payment. Because time is money, SilverTech saves you both.

Servers Globales

Worldwide Datacenters

Only SilverTech can offer you datacenter in every corner of the world. Thanks to our Partners we can offer you accommodation in USA, Europe, Asia, Middle East and South America. You choose the location, SilverTech implements it.

Accesos SSH

SSH Secure Access

All our servers comply with strict security standards so that they can be accessed using the SSH system with a security certificate. They can also be used with PHP panels like cPanel.


Hybrid Billing

All CORE services work with hybrid billing, which means that a fixed monthly cost will be charged, a month in advance, and may use additional resources that will be billed a month past due and must be paid on the next invoice. CORE customers must pay by Credit Card or PayPal by subscription. SilverTech may request a security deposit for CORE services.

Soporte CORE

Priority Support

Our CORE services have priority support; the same, being unmanaged Servers, is limited to basic use aids such as server shutdown, restarts, credential regeneration, billing, etc. SilverTech can not support systems installed by the client in its CORE service as they are from third parties.

Doubts? See these Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Do not leave with any doubt,
we leave the answers to the most frequent query but do not forget that, we are to help you.

A CORE Server is a private server of your account. It is mounted on a farm of interconnected Servers allowing you to allocate processing cores and RAM without additional physical installations. With CORE services, you can choose from a wide variety of cores, GBs of RAM and Operating Systems, as well as the disk capacity you need.

In general terms you can choose from 1vCPU (Virtual CPU) to 64 CPUs (Physical), this makes the processing range incredibly flexible. You can also select from 0.6 GB to 256 GB RAM in DDR3. The minimum and maximum configurations may vary depending on the vendor chosen for your CORE server.

Because only SilverTech provides you with essential support at no charge to your Servers, the outside vendors we work with do not provide free support, but you must pay several hundred dollars for support. Remember that the support we provide is basic and not everything can be supported as it runs on behalf of the client. Also, only with SilverTech, you can pay your service in local currency.

Yes, but depending on the contracted provider, not all providers allow hot resource changes, in that case, SilverTech can help you by trying to migrate between Servers, this may represent some additional costs, and total success can not always be guaranteed. If you plan to increase the resources of your server in the short term, we recommend consulting with your account agent the available options.

Yes, all the providers have Microsoft Windows services. However, we recommend that you do not strictly need to opt for resources under Linux since Microsoft Windows implementation costs are considerably higher.

SilverTech Global Partners
Multiple Suppliers in One Place

Now our CORE Servers can be created not only in our datacenters, but you can choose an external supplier
Multiple systems of provision in one place, you can select the datacenter, we take care of everything else

Digital Ocean
Microsoft Azure

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