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SilverTech Support Center

Site Support Individuals

If you have a company, you also have support

SilverTech Support Center

The entire SilverTech experience is now available for your site.
Give your clients the attention they deserve without putting the necessary resources. We take care of everything.


From $ 15 / mo. per account

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Private Email

Support Queue Exclusive

When registering the service will enable an exclusive email address where your customers can send their queries, also works with email forwarding from an address with your domain to give transparency to the attention.

Increase your sales

Pre & Post Sales Support

The system is adaptable to the Pre and Post Sales support, being able to manage the necessary services required by your customers and users. A channel of attention increases exponentially the intention to buy your clients.

We are a way

Your knowledge enlightens us

Our Support Center will receive the different queries of your clients, those that we are qualified to answer will be done directly, however, in case we need accurate data an agent will contact you in advance.

No matter the quantities

Pay Per Action System

Thanks to the exclusive system of attention of SilverTech we can give you this excellent service and Only you will pay for every additional interaction received. The monthly plan includes 30 telephone interactions and 50 mailings. Then you will pay for each additional attention.


It can always be better, so SilverTech offers the following additional ones.
You will also be able to see the cost of each further interaction once consumed those included in the plan.


  • Charged By Interaction
  • 2 Answers Included
  • Charged By Month Overdue
  • Monthly Detailed Report
Automatic Activation

Live Chat Addon

  • Charged per hour per agent
  • Without Limits of Attention
  • Support Ticket Load Free
  • Quick Implementation
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Telephone Line Answered

  • Local Line With ONE Extension
  • IVR at additional cost
  • Incoming call system
  • Business Hours In Business Days
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