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SilverTech Support Center

Business Help Desk

Do your customers need help too?

SilverTech Help Desk Center

All the knowledge of SilverTech and its technicians now made available to your company
Whether it be by phone, e-mail or face-to-face support, there will always be someone to help your employees.

Help Desk Center

From $ 140,00 / month

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Exclusive E-Mail

Privated Support Queue

Enabled users can request support by sending an email to your private support address. The SLA for email in first interaction is 24 hours.

Web Support

Avantis Integrated System

With Avantis enabled users can enter support requests, view the status and answer the tickets that the support issues as resolved. The SLA for Avantis in first interaction is 12 hours.

Additional Ways

Available Telephone Line

For an additional cost, eligible users can enter applications, consult status and make claims from an exclusive telephone number. This system works on business days from 10 to 18 hours.

No matter the quantities

Pay Per Action System

Thanks to the exclusive system of attention of SilverTech we can give you this excellent service and only you will pay for each additional interaction received. The monthly newsletter includes 30 interactions by mail and/or Avantis. Then you will pay for each additional interaction.

On Site Tech

On Site support by SilverTech

The Help Desk service has the possibility of Buy Now specialized technical service of SilverTech, when any of your users make a technical request, the Help Desk Agent will refer you to a technician who will attend as soon as possible.

Unamos nuestras manos

Synergistic Assistance System

The Synergistic Assistance System allows you to integrate your technical center with our Help Desk center. Our agents will take the cases and refer you to the corresponding queues of attention, making your work and that of your company even more efficient.

Addons & Excedents

It can always be better, so SilverTech offers you the following additionals
You will also be able to see the cost of each other interaction once consumed those included in the plan.

Additional Email or Avantis Interaction

  • Charged by interaction
  • Status queries are No Charge
  • Charged by month overdue
  • Monthly Detailed Report
Automatic Activation

Telephone Site Support Line

  • Local Line with ONE extension
  • IVR for FREE (Locutions not included)
  • Business Hours in Business Days
  • Shared Care System
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Additional Telephone Interaction

  • Charges for attended incoming calls
  • Status queries are No Charge
  • Charged by month overdue
  • Monthly Detailed Report
Automatic Activation

OnSite Support

  • Charged for Assistance
  • Does not include replacement materials
  • Covers until end of attendance
  • Monthly Detailed Report
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OnSite Esclusive Agent

  • Exclusive Agent
  • 9-hour maximum shift
  • Non-working days not included
  • Multi-Agent Discounts
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