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Power + Stability
by SilverTech

Premium Features

If you are looking for high-quality services, you are in the right place!
SilverTech offers the best features throughout its plans.

Redundant Connection

Our Servers are interconnected in multiple datacenters, ensuring the lowest margin of falls. 99.9% of the time online.

Secure Backup

All of our services are protected by an automatic Back Up. Also, you can add an exclusive BackUp service.

Power Security

The most important thing today is security, which is why SilverTech protects your Servers after physical and logical Firewalls.

Servers BiPower

We implement state-of-the-art Servers with a particular BiPower configuration, allowing up to 2X of relative speed.

Our Statistics

Hundreds of satisfied customers support us
I kept growing to the pace of SilverTech!

Hosted Sites


Customers Served


Hourly Tickets


Email Accounts


Average Stats

Online Time

99.9% Complete (success)

CPU used per user

60% Complete (success)

RAM used per user


Total Capacity Used


Average Customer Satisfaction (C-SAT)


Frequent Questions

The services of Shared Hostings, Yes, for both Individuals and Business, we put at your disposal all the capacity of our Servers. For the other services, there are different availabilities of resources.

Yes, for services enabled in Linux or Windows you can freely choose the operating system, in shared services the choice is free and does not represent additional cost in the plan.

Everything will depend on your goal if your site requires high-performance capabilities the best will be a VPS or a Dedicated Server. In case you need exclusive access to your server with high protection and CORP category we recommend our OnDemand Servers, but if your site is standard a Shared Hosting will be perfect!

No, the unlimited capabilities are exclusive to your site, it is not allowed to use the plan as a virtual disk, for this, we recommend a VPS or OnDemand Server.

Security Features

The security of our Servers is paramount for us.
SilverTech offers global security features. Your site always protected!

Password Protection

All our services can be accessed individually or from our customer portal but always through a High-Security Password.

Mobile Optimization

With SilverTech you get server capabilities that are suitable for Mobile Web, but the most important thing is that Firewall also works on Mobile versions.

Document Vault

We put our Document Vault at your disposal, with this service you can obtain an automatic backup or voluntary.

Worldwide Security

Our services are housed in several markets, but in all of them, we have the same security systems, making SilverTech a safe global service.

E-mail Security

Security is important for your site but also for your emails, so all e-mail servers are monitored in real time.

SilverTech Shield

Our security protocol, we implement physical and logical firewalls, antivirus and protections against DDNS attacks. We continually work on our security systems.


Join us and find out our offers and news!

Ideal for Business

Dedicated Servers

All the power of our Servers placed at the exclusive service of your company. We also have options for all budgets, do not wait any longer and compare us!

Ideal for Individuals

Shared Hosting

Our resources are of the latest generation, so if you are a beginner and want to make yourself known you can not stop Buy Now our shared services. Power and Ultra economy!

Available Services
One Click Installations

Starting at SilverTech is as easy as 1, 2, Click! With One Click by SilverTech, you will be able to install the most different services in your hosting, even if one is not available our technicians will help you in the installation process.

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