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Ideal with your SiteLock plan!

Cloudflare ® Plans

SilverTech brings you the best provider of web protection and streaming.

Basic CloudFlare
$10.00 per month
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Pro Cloudflare
$ 25.00 per month
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BIZ Cloudflare
$ 250.00 per month
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Limited DDoS Protection

Advanced DDoS Protection

CDN Global    

"I'm Under Attack™" Mode    

Cloudflare APP's Access

Firewall WEB

Image Optimization    

Mobile Optimization    

Ability to upload your SSL certificate

Dynamic content Express delivery

Priority Support by Cloudflare

Exclusive SSL Certificate (Optional)

Protect your site
Cloudflare® DDoS Protection

With Cloudflare ® you protect your site against denial of service attacks and information theft attempts. Also, the different options that our plans offer help you to increase access to your site by the client and improves the positioning in the big search engines.

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